Hi, I'm HamHamBone and welcome to my wwebsite as on the internet.

Random Generators

Fantasy Location Generator

Fantasy Artifact Generator

Stars Without Number Sector Generator

Complete Bullshit

Complete Bullshit

This is what the refrance.

[S] Dave: Work on your webcomic

[S] Dave: work on your webcomic

A calm little homestuck fan animation I made. The music is a remix of the SBaHJ theme by me. The animations are pure JS.


Sometimes I like to make music. My favorite tool to use is Beepbox, check it out.


Wheres My Elephant

Cabin in the Marsh

Turning Back

Sweet Bro and Hella Alone (Remix of the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff Theme)

Starcraft 2 Maps

As a hobby I make SC2 melee maps. I go by Namrufus on the Teamliquid Forums. I'm the creator of two maps that made it onto the SC2 Ladder: (2) Paladino Terminal and (4v4) Troizinia